Descaling Breville Espresso machine

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  1. Remove filter from tank
  2. Mix descaling solution in tank
  3. Hold power and "dispense 2 shots" for 2 second until flash.
    Now in descale mode.
  4. press "dispense 1 shot" to descale head
  5. Run steam, about 8 seconds
  6. Run hot water, about 13 seconds
  7. Repeat previous 3 steps until tank empty.
  8. Rinse and refill tank.
    Repeat descale sequence with fresh water until tank empty again.
  9. Replace tank filter
Breville descaler Ingredients from MSDS
Citric acid77-92-010 - 30%
Tartaric acid87-69-41 - 10%

One online resource recommends 1:1 vinegar to water solution,
or 1Tbsp citric acid/tankfull.