Start with MATLAB in test date folder.
  1. Load the registration frame parameters for the camera
       >> load ../../NUC/CAM1??/pReg.mat
    If this file does not exist, It can be created like:
       >> [pStk,pCam] = loadRegMapParams('../../NUC/CAM1??/regParams.dat')
       >> pReg=pCam;pReg.c=(pCam.Size+1)/2;pReg.BoreSight=pStk.BoreSight;
       >> save ../../NUC/CAM1??/pReg.mat pReg -v6
    The pReg structure now holds parameters for the target registration frame for this camera.
  2. Change into the camera data folder
       >> cd CAM1??
  3. Get initial estimate of alignment error:
       >> pointErr = poseCompare('*.fits',pReg,[]);  % for automatic matching
    If this does not work, you may need to help match catalog stars to measured sources by hand.
       >> pointErr = poseCompare('*.fits',pReg);  % hand match
  4. Try to auto-update the alignment plot
       >> autoPoint(pReg,pointErr);